International Day of People with Disability 2023: A Call for Positive Change

On December 3rd, the world celebrated International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), a date of immense significance. This year’s theme for IDPwD, “United in action to rescue and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for, with, and by people with disabilities,” highlights the collective effort needed to create a more equitable world for individuals with disabilities.

In 2023, the disability community witnessed significant milestones, including the ten-year anniversary of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Disability Royal Commission’s issuance of 222 recommendations.

At Trusted Care & Support Services, we are proud to have contributed to the positive journey of individuals with disabilities throughout the year. One of our recent achievements is the expansion of our support services in Riverina Region – Wagga Wagga.

Trusted Care & Support Services is excited to announce our recent expansion to Wagga Wagga, a vibrant regional hub nestled in the heart of the Riverina region. This expansion represents our ongoing commitment to providing quality support services to individuals living with disabilities and their families in Wagga Wagga and the broader Riverina community.

Addressing Disability in Wagga Wagga and the Riverina Region

Wagga Wagga and the surrounding Riverina region are home to a diverse and vibrant community. However, like many areas across Australia, this region also faces unique challenges when it comes to disability support and inclusion.

Statistics reveal that a significant portion of the population in Wagga Wagga and the Riverina region grapples with various disabilities. These disabilities encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from physical and sensory impairments to intellectual and developmental challenges. This diversity highlights the importance of tailored and comprehensive disability support services that cater to the specific needs of individuals in the area.

Our expansion to Wagga Wagga is driven by the recognition of these unique challenges and our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals with disabilities. We are dedicated to empowering participants to unlock their potential, whether it be through tailored support, skill development, or assistance in preparing for meaningful employment opportunities.

As we embark on this new chapter in Wagga Wagga and the Riverina region, we look forward to working closely with the local community, participants, and their families to create a more inclusive and empowering environment for all. Together, we will continue to build a brighter future where everyone can thrive, regardless of their abilities or challenges.

Striving for Best Practices and Outcomes

While many at Trusted Care & Support Services work diligently to support people with disabilities, not all interactions are face-to-face. Behind the scenes, our Quality, Practice & Assurance division tirelessly advocates for the rights of individuals with disabilities. We establish policies and procedures that support our participants and advocate for their rights in the ever-evolving Disability Services landscape. Earlier this year, we spoke to Melanie, our Senior Manager of Clinical Services, who ensures the delivery of top-notch healthcare services to participants. Her dedication to improving participants’ health has driven her team to contribute significantly, including the development of health policies and training frontline workers in clinical support.

Looking Forward: A Call for Positive Change

As we reflect on our past achievements and the broader developments in the disability sector, we now turn our gaze towards the future. Our commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities in achieving their goals and aspirations remains unwavering.

In a year marked by significant sector changes and the Disability Royal Commission’s recommendations, we call upon our community to voice their thoughts on what positive changes should be made for people with disabilities.

Whether you are a Trusted Care & Support Services colleague, participant, or external stakeholder, we invite you to share your insights and contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable world for individuals with disabilities.

What positive change would you like to see achieved for people with disability? Your input matters, and together, we can work towards a brighter future.