Household Tasks

At Trusted Care & Support Services, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and well-maintained home environment. Our Household Needs services are tailored to provide assistance with essential household tasks, ensuring that participants can enjoy a comfortable and inviting living space.

What we have covered you with?

House And/Or Yard Maintenance

Our skilled team is here to help with crucial house and yard activities that participants may be unable to undertake themselves. From gardening and lawn maintenance to general repairs around the house, we ensure that your home remains in optimal condition.

Community Nursing Care for High Needs

We offer comprehensive house cleaning services to ensure a tidy and hygienic living environment. Our experienced professionals will handle essential cleaning activities that participants may not be able to manage, ensuring that your home is kept clean and refreshed.


Linen Service

For participants who require assistance with their laundry, our Linen Service provides clean and fresh linen. We understand the importance of clean bedding and linens for comfort and well-being, and our dedicated team ensures that your linen needs are met efficiently and to the highest standards.

Assistance With The Cost Of Preparation And Delivery Of Meals

We provide support with meal preparation and delivery for participants who are unable to do so themselves and do not receive other meal-related supports. Our dedicated team prepares nutritious meals according to your dietary requirements and delivers them to your doorstep. Please note that food costs are not included, and the service cost may vary depending on the number of meals prepared and deliveries required.