Group Centre Based Activities

At Trusted Care & Support Services, we are committed to promoting the well-being of our participants through a wide range of Centre-based Activities and Groups. These programs are designed to encourage socialization, enhance mental and physical well-being, and foster a sense of belonging within a supportive community. Participants have the opportunity to engage in self-directed skill-building activities as well as workshops and group sessions facilitated by our dedicated activities staff and support workers.

What we have covered you with?

Range of Group and Individual Activities

  1. Arts and Crafts Activities: Express your creativity and explore various art mediums through our arts and crafts activities. Engage in painting, drawing, and crafting to unleash your artistic talents and create beautiful works of art.

  2. Music & Dance: Experience the joy of music and movement with our music and dance sessions. Let the rhythm uplift your spirits as you engage in dance routines and enjoy music appreciation activities that promote self-expression and well-being.

  3. Computer Skills & Scrabble Playing & Scrapbooking: Enhance your digital literacy and computer skills through our computer skills workshops. Challenge yourself and have fun with friendly Scrabble games. Additionally, create personalized scrapbooks to capture cherished memories and moments.

  4. Kitchen and Cooking Skills (Non-cooking): Learn essential kitchen skills that promote independence and daily living. From basic food preparation techniques to kitchen safety, gain the confidence to navigate the kitchen with ease.

  5. Communication Skills, Signage Drawing, and Identifying: Improve your communication skills through engaging activities that focus on drawing and identifying signs and symbols. Enhance your ability to convey messages effectively and understand visual representations.

  6. Playdough Class & Puzzle Solving: Unleash your creativity and fine motor skills in our playdough class. Mold, shape, and create with playdough to stimulate your imagination. Engage in puzzle-solving activities to enhance problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.

  7. Money Management and Keeping Safe: Learn practical money management skills to support your financial independence. Gain knowledge in budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions. Additionally, explore strategies to keep yourself safe in various situations.

  8. Exercise Groups: Join our exercise groups and engage in physical activities that promote fitness and well-being. From gentle exercises to more challenging workouts, our guided sessions cater to different abilities and help you stay active.

  9. Scenic Drive (Pre-booked with Escort): Embark on scenic drives to explore the beauty of the surrounding areas. Enjoy the picturesque views and relax as you discover new landscapes and points of interest, accompanied by a caring escort.

  10. Library, Shopping Centre & Parks/Zoo (Pre-booking required): Indulge in the joys of reading at local libraries, where you can find a wealth of knowledge and entertainment. Explore shopping centres for retail therapy and engage in recreational activities at parks or visit the zoo for an educational and enjoyable experience.

  11. Social Group Community – Community Inclusion: Join our social group community to foster connections and form meaningful friendships. Engage in community events and inclusive group activities that promote social inclusion and a sense of belonging.

  12. Sewing: Learn the art of sewing and develop your skills in creating garments, accessories, and other fabric creations. Unleash your creativity and gain a sense of accomplishment as you bring your sewing projects to life.

  13. Indoor Games of Choice: Engage in a variety of indoor games based on your preferences. From board games to card games, challenge yourself and enjoy friendly competition while having fun with fellow participants.